"This guy is very funny"

- John C. Dvorak (No Agenda Episode 1328)

About Sir 3D

Executive Producer: No Agenda Episode 1358

I am a branding and industrial design veteran who has worked with several international top brands and agencies. I am available for branding and design projects globally.

Benefits of working with me

What I deliver

Branding extends beyond mere logo design; it encompasses the entire identity of your company, including its products and services. I offer comprehensive services ranging from crafting brand strategy plans to creating the brand itself and delivering the final assets, all tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, I can conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors' branding strategies.

If you're already engaging with an agency, I can serve as a valuable member of your team, helping you discern the substance from the fluff in their proposals.

3D expertise

I have used numerous 3D CAD packages since the 90's. Whether it is product design or development or 3D printing you are looking for - I can help you.


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